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About Heather @ Smartmusicart

My passion for teaching and learning in music is explored through musical expression and is one of the most important aspects of becoming an accomplished musician.  Including aspects of technique and effective musical habits of mind contribute to our whole journey of learning, necessary to become a great musician.  Involvement in community music at school or in the wider community is a vital component of performance practice.  

 I have been immersed in the practice of Music and Visual Art for many years on the Gold Coast and working across both areas of creative arts teaching (music and visual art).  Contributing to my learning and goal of completing a Masters of Teaching in both areas of learning has been my most recent focus.

Creativity is the most important aspect of preparing students for learning.  By focusing on individual small goals will help you to achieve your end goal whether that be for future study or pure enjoyment.  

Wholeheartedly inspiring and supporting my students no matter what level they are at or want to achieve is my primary focus.  Lessons are driven by student needs.


Art Tutoring.....


All ages welcome.

    Beginner / Intermediate - Individual Art Lessons (Adults and Children), (All Mediums: Water Colour, Acrylic, Oils, Pastels, Ink (mixed medium).  We explore the individual's talents for creative art composition.  Lessons are tailored to suit the individual.

Group Art Lessons
Individual Art Lessons

Music Tutoring...

 STUDENTS will enjoy  learning with lessons that are uniquely tailored to the
 individual.  Heather offers music lessons that include woodwind
 instruments -  Advanced: flute, (beginner Clarinet and alto Sax), musicianship and theory of  music lessons.

Experienced musicians and beginners welcome.  The aim is to help create an engaging learning environment with teaching techniques that encourage the learner to find their own avenue of
expression.  Various teaching approaches are used to cater for individual needs.  The aim is to help all types of learners, Kinesthetic, Aural and Visual.

Group Music Lessons

Individual Music Lessons

Exams on application.

        Students interested in completing exams can choose to if they desire.  Heather can help you
      to choose the most suitable option.


Qualifications... (Heather Smart) Bachelor of Music, Member of the Music Teachers Association, Qld., Blue Card, Senior First Aid Certificate, Certificate III in Children's Services..  Current Conductor of PCYC Masters Concert Band, Tweed Heads.


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